Mary Anne Cohen

by adminuser on August 1, 2010

To Ephraim and Annette’s family,

I will be writing more, but just got this address from Marcy Axness and wanted to express how sad I am to lose a friend like Annette. I have known her for over 30 years through adoption reform activities, and have always admired her courage, wit, and style. She was a unique and wonderful woman, fearless and full of life and fun.

At many conferences she dragged me out shopping when it got boring, and always knew where to find the best things. She introduced me to Merill shoes and indelible lipstick, and lots of great jewelry:-) Conference time with Annette was never dull, and as much about friendship as work.

We shared many laughs at some of the more pompous presenters and bizarre theories, as we were among the few skeptics in the group. Annette was a marvelous storyteller, and I am glad I have her tape of stories from her life and adoption career. I was especially touched by her story of the baby who the family was not able to get to America before the Holocaust, and how Annette always remembered her.

She was the first social worker I ever saw get up and apologize publicly for the mistakes her profession made in dealing with adoption, with no excuses, no “big Buts”, just “I did wrong, I am sorry”. That took a lot of courage in 1979, and a lot of class. I loved her books, and her presence at many CUB retreats was always appreciated and welcomed, as was her help in saving CUB when it almost went under. She was a true friend to birthmothers and adoptees as well as adoptive parents, always honest, sensible, and compassionate to all.

Annette and I shared a birthday, January 7th, and always sent each other greetings. We also both married men named Ephraim! I am a reunited birthmother and currently secretary of CUB, and my many years in adoption reform have been enriched by knowing Annette. A high point was getting to visit Annette at home with our friend Marcy a few years ago, and to get to see her beautiful home and amazing and eclectic art she collected. It so showed the spirit of a colorful, brave, and lively woman who loved travel, art, people and life.

May she rest in peace and her memory live forever. I know how much you will miss her. I will too.

Mary Anne Cohen

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